Become a Member at Cornerstone

How do I become a member at Cornerstone?
  1. Read our Statement of Faith
    Read the Cornerstone Statement of Faith to ensure you are in agreement with our beliefs. If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of the CBC elders.
  2. Listen to "Ten Commandments for Church Members"
    Ten Commandments for Church Members

  3. Read the Bylaws
    Read the Cornerstone Bylaws and familiarize yourself with how Cornerstone Baptist Church is governed. If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of the CBC elders.
    Bylaws of Cornerstone Baptist Church of Wilmington, LLC

  4. Fill out a Membership Application
    Complete the Cornerstone Baptist Church Membership application and email it to or give it to one of the CBC elders.
    Cornerstone Membership Application
    (or if you are unable to open a word document,
    you can download a pdf version for printing 

  5. Attend a New Members Class
    New Member's Classes are held periodically. Please contact one of the elders to sign up for the next class.